Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Homeless make case against ban on camping /

Homeless make case against ban on camping / "'The guys who were down here tonight probably aren't bothering anybody, but I think we need to treat all city property the same,' Commissioner Mike Amyx said. 'As much as you might want to say it is OK to do it here, but not over here, I don't know how you write an ordinance to do that.'
Eddie Otwell has been homeless for the past four years after falling into a financial crisis following the death of his wife. He said staying at one of the city's two homeless shelters was like staying in a penitentiary to him. He urged commissioners to come down and experience life in the camp.
'I don't make no trouble,' Otwell said. 'I'm not saying I haven't had any, but I didn't make it. The ones that did cause trouble, we made them leave because we're kind of like a family down there.'
Commissioners also heard from Raleigh Worthington, who said that he chose to live on the river and thought he should be allowed to continue to do so.
'I like the simplicity of it,' Worthington said. 'I was born and raised on the river. I just really like it down there. It is just freedom.'"

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