Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green-Projects-for-Homeless - -> No more criminalization of homeless-ness!

Green-Projects-for-Homeless - -> No more criminalization of homeless-ness!: "Between Sit/ Lie and Anti-Camping laws, for many homeless people, it is 'illegal' for them to simply sleep or rest, or gather their things anywhere within reasonable walking distance of (their only reliable sources of) food or services. Most do not have the fare for mass transit on any given day. It's not always easy to remain out of sight, away from the City Center. Add to this, many are in poor health, so that walking anywhere very far away is quite difficult.
We understand that there are some trouble makers among those who congregate on sidewalks, but to force the old, the tired, and the unhealthy to 'move along' as well - this can be cruel.

If our leaders and our police can not find the compassion to simply allow people to rest in the City center, then maybe they will realize that, reasonably, it is definitely in the public interest to designate some other places (at no or low-cost) where they would have some humble right to just be -- to peacefully sleep or rest or gather their things, or collect their dignity enough to try to find work."

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